Rules, Hazards, and Markers


  • USGA rules govern play.
  • Observe 90 degree rule when carts are permitted on the fairways.
  • Keep carts on paths on all Par 3’s.
  • Players are reminded to please repair your ball marks and one other ball mark.
  • Please rake bunkers.
  • Proper attire is expected.

We are a “soft spike” facility and are committed to providing you the ultimate in golf course conditions.


  • White Stakes        Out-of-Bounds
  • Yellow Stakes       Water Hazard
  • Red Stakes            Lateral Hazard


All sprinkler head distances are measured to the center of greens.  Cart path markers and fairway stakes are represented by the following:

  • Red: 100
  • White: 150
  • Blue:  200
  • Yellow:  250

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