PGA, TPI, BodiTrak, ACE Certified

Sean W. Saunders is the owner of SWS Golf Academy. He has been a PGA pro since 2009 when golf performance (TPI Model) started really becoming the norm on the PGA Tour. Sean understood the importance of staying up to date on the latest information so he decided to specialize in golf performance because he was tired of seeing too many of his past clients not reach their potential. He knew it was not just their golf swing but their lack of skills and body compensations that were the source of their problems. Sean decided to take the next step and get ACE (American Council on Exercise) and TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Level 3 Fitness Professional, and BodiTrak certification. He currently is only PGA professional in SW Missouri who has these advanced certifications. Sean understands the body & swing connection and can provide the necessary tools to help golfers who are serious about reaching their potential, especially those who are reaching their golden years and feeling the effects of age on their golf swing and game.

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